Tulsa Federal Courtroom drawings


August 01, 2011 the courtroom at Tulsa Federal Courthouse was the location of the police coruption trial.  This is the second trial of this sort in short succession.  I will post the first one soon but here is the second one.  I have left off the names for now.


Evelyn Petroski said...

I have misplaced many of the drawings and paintings I did at the courthouse. When I find them I will post them. Thank you for your patience. Evelyn

Evelyn Petroski said...

I will be back to the Tulsa Art Center for open studio with a live model today (Aug. 27, 2011. All artists please come and join the fun. We have had some great models there and it will be great to be back with all of you. Open to all artists. 1 pm to 4 pm. Bring your supplies and join the fun.

Evelyn Petroski said...

It will be great to see you and your friend, Lindsey.